Light up chair

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Light up chair

We also call the light up chair led chair and glow chair with footrest. It is consist of high Line Low Density Polyethelene(LLDPE) material. We not only can use LED light up chair indoors to place in a bar as an LED bar chair to create a romantic and modern atmosphere. It is also be for use in nightclubs, hotels, hotels. In outdoor you can use our glow chairs, especially on the balcony of a large hotel. We can also use in courtyards, especially as a light up garden chairs and enjoy a romantic evening.

light up chair

light up chair

Features of light up chair

As a visual human, people’s mood, appetite and purchase desire are in connection with the color they see. Compare with ordinary bar chair, our light up chair with RGB color is more attractive to guests. You can finish it in a variety of mixed colors or uniform shades. So you can act like a designer to create any atmosphere you want, to achieve your marketing effect.

Light panel of Light up chair

LED light panel

Our light up chair within a built-in RGB+W SMD5050 RGB+W leds and 3014 white Leds. Because of the white leds, it can work 25% longer than normal light panel. In addition its light is very bright, sufficient, so this is a very good performance of the lamp. You only charge 4 to 5 hours of electricity and working 5 to 10 hours . What’s more, once electric quantity fully, our lights will conplete storage for at least nine months, compared with five months for the peer. If you’re a dealer, that means our products have a better chance of being fully charged when delivered to the user. That’s not going to happen when the Light up chair arrived at the terminal, it was out of power and needed to be charged.

As an advantage of the factory

Peer's price

Colorfuldeco as a factory, there is no doubt that our price is lower than that of the distributor. The picture above is the peer’s light up chair. As they are all importers, we conclude that the lowest price of the Light up chair of the three is $315. The quality of our product is better than theirs, but our price is $92.95. Therefore, the price of our products is much lower than the importer even quality of the products is better.

If you want to buy our products, or have other questions about my products, please consult us. Due to the time difference, we may reply to you later, but not more than 8 hours at the latest. (Enquiry is at the bottom of the page)