LED glow ball

LED glow ball

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LED glow ball

LED glow ball allows you to really make a different mark with your event. You can use these spheres as lighting, as a feature or to guide your guests to where they need to be. Outdoor and indoor LED glow ball lights are perfect for a house with kids or anyone who enjoys a outdoor more color. If you’re looking for something a little bit more playful than the in-trend neutral and minimalistic designs, LED glow ball lights are a perfect choice. Especially due to how customizable they are, you’ll never get board of them.

Appearance of LED glow ball

Our LED glow ball lights are specifically suitable for outdoors and are consist of withstand the heat, rain or snow. They are color changing with multiple lighting effects so you can create a different atmosphere depending on your mood. If you want something a little more neutral, you can select the lighter colors. If it’s Halloween, you can pick the reds and oranges. Or if you just want something fun, you can go multicolored! And all of that is easily do with the help of a remote controller.

Feature of LED glow ball

Although the LED glow ball lights are consist of plastic, they are waterproof, dimmable, rechargeable and portable. Their light weight also allows them to be moved from indoors to outdoors or however you please without any inconvenience. The LED glow ball stay lit for up to 12 hours after each full charge. Not only can they be used for homes, but restaurants, bars, or parties as well.

Colorfuldeco only provides the highest quality of lights and lighting supplies, so you know that you can trust us. Our decorative waterproof outdoor LED glow ball lights can easily make your space look complete and work for all events and occasions, formal or informal. Also, we offer free shipping worldwide so the price mentioned is final.

The GLOW ball hire unit uses an infra-red handheld remote control. You have a choice of 16 colours allowing you to choose the colour to match your event. You can choose one colour or you can have each item a different colour. It also comes with inbuilt programs that include options to fade, smooth, strobe and randomise the lighting. With a touch of a button you can give your event or party a very cool atmosphere by adding a touch of the trendiest bars and restaurants. These items are Functional, durable and lightweight this is a great hire item.

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