LED column lamp

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LED column lamp

When it comes to glow in the dark party supplies, once again Colorfuldeco has outdone themselves with the introduction of the magical LED column lamp! This enchanting LED column lamp is the perfect size for any application. So you can easily create amazing glow in the dark centerpieces, decorations, glowing promotional or holiday displays!

We will install the battery before shipping in factory once you order! The lamp comes with a USB charging cable and a remote control. So you can immediately get to the color setting you want just at the press of a button. The LED column lamp also comes with a loop on the base. So you can hang it to create an incredible hanging lantern effect. These lamps have 16 different colors you can choose from as well as 4 different color changing settings and the ability to dim the lamp or make it brighter. So take your next event to the next level with the awesome LED column lamp!

Instructions of LED column lamp

Lift up the back battery port cover and plug in the USB charging cable to charge up your LED column lamp. An off/on switch is located on the back of the lamp as well that you can use to cycle through the column’s different settings instead of using the remote control. Press and hold the on/off switch for 5 seconds to turn the LED column lamp completely off.

The range on the remote control is approximately 8-10 feet. Point the remote control directly at the LED lamp.

Factory in China

As a LED column lamp factory. Our products are much lower price than the peer in different countries. As long as you place an order, we can deliver the goods to you directly from the factory.

If you need LED column lamp, please contact us, you can send an inquiry at the bottom of the page. Due to the time difference, we may reply to you later, but generally not more than 6 hours.