LED cocktail table

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LED cocktail table

Our product C116 is an LED cocktail table. We also usually call LED cocktail tables that light up cocktail tables or LED tables. In a word, it is a luminous table consist of Line Low Density Polyethylene(LLPE).

Our LED cocktail table is suitable for outdoor weddings by pure white theme symbolizes the purity and beauty of love. You also can put LED cocktail table in front of the hotel, where the RGB color of the LED cocktail table will attract customers. If it’s you or your client who wants to host an outdoor drinking party, our LED cocktail table can be easily handled day and night.


You can also place LED cocktail table in indoors. Especially in the bar, nightclub, the environment colorful and our RGBcolors is a perfect match! Of course. If you want to create a pure, stylish atmosphere, choose single color from thousands of colors will completely meet you.


The advantages of LED cocktail table

On the outside, the curving LED cocktail table come with a very elegant look. The top is a circle, which makes people feel very harmonious. Especially compared to other LED cocktail tables, such as the C111.

For color selection, we use RGB color. This means you can download a mobile APP and pick any color you want from the three colors of light.

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Compare with the peer

1. The Advanced light panel.

Usually, red, green and blue constitute the three primary colors of sun light. When the concentration of the three reaches 100%, the color of light is white.However, it is a very power-hungry way of doing it. Therefore we added a white light bead, so that our panel can work 25% longer than normal products.

2. Customized functions

Another great feature to these tables are the option to customize with a logo or design. Whether you have a company party or your wedding date in mind, these Cocktail tables will make a great fit!

3. The warranty period

We offer a 1-year warranty on the lamp holder and a 3-year warranty on the housing. This means that as soon as it breaks down, we’ll give you a brand new one within a year. Similarly, if the shell is broken, we will send it to you by international express without any reason to replace the shell.

4. The Quickly reply

If you would like to know more details about LED cocktail table, please contact our salesman. Due to the time difference, we may reply to you later, but generally it will not take more than 8 hours.