LED Glow Cubes Lighting Your Life

It is definite we are used to decorate pour homes with flowers put in a vase then add water to keep them alive. But they take maximum of 2 or 3 days than they dry up and you have to replace them.  But some opt then the artificial flowers which are some sense make your house look beautiful.

However we are living in the 21st century with advanced technology. You should be figuring out about changing your home decoration. There are a thousand ways to do decorate your home but think of lighting your home with LED glow cubes?  You will be lighting your home in a fancy way.

These LED glow cubes will make your home look new, beautiful and cool place to relax after a long day. These glow cubes will transform your home at an affordable cost. They will make your home look like those fancy drinking bar you have seen the LED glowing cubes.

These LED glow cubes will be lighting your life at your home. It is time to add life to your home and break the boredom around your house. The cube may look simple a box with some lighting but it will decorate your house in exceptional ways.

lighting cube

lighting cube

Some of you may think these LED glowing cubes are mean for luxury places like bar or restaurant. Well, you may be right in some sense but think of decorating your house or room like those fancy places you have seen these glowing cubes. It will look cool right? You can place these cubes any place you would like whether it in your table room, bar or any other place you will simply place it there and let it work its magic.

These cubes will make your guest wish to spend more time at your house, your kids will be thrilled and you will also enjoy their lighting. Now level up to add these lighting life LED glowing cubes to your house. You will enjoy your cocktails, wine or beer in a magnificent room.

These LED glow cubes are safe even if you have ids at your home or house. They are also energy saver lighting cubes you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill at all. Besides, they are long lasting even if you light them 24 hours.  Here we will discuss more about the LED glow features and why you should buy one or its benefits.

LED glow cubes Features

Like the name suggests, LED glow cubes are attractive cubes that glow using LEDs that are installed inside them. Imagine a perfectly smooth box with sharp edges that lights up evenly: you are looking at an LED glow cube.

It is imperative to get understand what you are buying. The LED glow cubes are cubes glowing after LEDS are installed inside the cubes. The LEDS produce different colors so it’s upon you to choose which color you love. To give you deeper understanding of these LEDS glow cubes here are the features.

Different size

led glow lighting cubes

led glow lighting cubes

The LED glow cubes come in different sizes in between 10 cm and 80 cm. On average that is in between 3.9 to 31.5 inches. It is upon you to choose the size you would like at your house. The size also determines by the size of the room you want to put the cubes. The bigger the room you should consider bigger cube and the vice versa is true.


Worry not about the quality of the LED glow cubes because they are made of durable clear acrylic edible plastic which is safe even when pout at your home as it is filled with non-toxic freezable gel. The LED installed in the cubes is long lasting. They have an average life span of 50, 000 hours but that differs according to the number hours you light up the cube. For instance if you light the cube for only 10 hours in a day the LED lights installed will last for more than 14 years.

Different lighting colors

various colors lighting cubes

various colors cubes

We understand everyone has its favorite colors hence why we have different glow cubes installed LED light illuminating different colors. These different colors create beautiful atmosphere around your home or house making it look livelier. We have all colors of the rainbow illuminating LED glow cubes.

Interchangeable batteries

The cubes uses batteries which are easy to replace, they are chemical free and non-toxic. In deed they are FDA certified and manufactured from food grade materials. The batteries are long lasting with high power to light for hours.

LED glow cube benefits

There are quite number of way the LED glow cube can be of benefit to you. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy this cube to glow your life.

Ideal for drinking places

After getting this LED glow cubes you will love it because you will have lit drinking experience. More so, even if it happen the wine, beer or champagne land on the cue it is waterproof and submersible. These colored glowing cubes will illuminate the room or your bar and make into a vibrant ideal place for drinking.

led glow drink tables

led glow drink tables

Perfect for any occasion

The exciting and bright colors illuminated by these glow cubes makes them ideal for any occasion may it be Christmas celebrations, Halloween, Pride day or any other occasion. You can get one marching the event colors. Besides they are ideal for garden parties, bar, wedding celebration and more other events.

Changing colors

One of the most beneficial features of these glow cubes is that the LEDs they consist of are multi-colored. In order to enhance their ambiance, several restaurants use a single colored LED, although it is limited to just one theme. With color changes, depending on your room, you will be able to change the mood of the room. Some effects are available, including such breathing effects, which can help you greatly enhance your room’s aesthetics.

Final thoughts

By now you should have made up your mind to have these LED glow cubes to give life your home or house. They are energy saver and easy to use. They are of high quality and affordable. Let LED glow cubes lighting your life.

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