How do you lighting a garden?

From the very popular attractive luminous flower pots to the wireless connection system that can be remotely controlled, there are many attractive options to help you illuminate your yard.  Here, LED Furniture Manufacturer introduces several methods that tell you how do you lighting a garden.

1. Correct installation method

First of all, all cable garden lighting equipment must use the correct installation method. To prevent the destruction of some wild animals, some protective equipment must be prevented.

2. Install funny entertainment equipment – LED glow swings & seesaws



Second, as a leisure yard, entertainment equipment or toys are indispensable. Boston swings, which originated in Boston, are very suitable for courtyards and make your yard amazing. If there are younger or elderly people, a safer LED seesaw is a suitable choice.

3. Put some lighting flower pots

glow in the dark planters

glow in the dark planters

Third, in order to make your garden full of beautiful flowers, delicate flower pots are essential. Colorful flower pots and luminous flower pots can make your garden create any colorful atmosphere at any time. Some glow in the dark planters with solar energy are the best decorations, because they do not need to be charged, which saves you the trouble of charging.

4. Turn off the safety lighting

Fourth, when using garden lighting, please turn off the safety lighting, otherwise it will spoil the appearance you want to create.

5. Use some outdoor string lights

outdoor string lights

outdoor string lights

Because outdoor string lights can make a simple backyard or terrace feel like a romantic outdoor cafe, it has rapidly expanded.This makes it particularly serious in the summer away from socializing. The light string can make the time spent outdoors at night more relaxed and enjoyable. Even a simple line can turn the backyard (or terrace or porch) into something more like an outdoor living room, and their sparkle adds alternation and charm. However, not only any string light can withstand the harsh test of outdoor use.

6. Use LED warm white lamps

Sixth, use LED lamps instead of halogen lamps because they have lower energy and longer lamp life. Among them, solar-powered lights are the best, because choosing solar-powered lights can save you the trouble of charging or turning on the light source. Choose warm white rather than cool white, because it will bring a soft luster to your outdoor space.

7. Waterproof IP 68 function

Seventh, in order to prevent your garden equipment from being damaged by rain, you’d better use high-quality, compact and waterproof lamps with a high waterproof level. Among them, the highest waterproof level of IP67 or 68 is the most suitable.

8. Cute lighting animal lamps



Eighth, although we all like the pre-Christmas reindeer in the front garden, why not try this year’s outdoor lighting idea is somewhat different, even though it is equally festive? There are some battery-powered pre-lighted Christmas ducks, bunnies and bears that are so cute that they look very beautiful whether it snows or not this winter.

9. Use led sphere balls



Ninth, some 30 cm led glow sphere balls may be the easiest way to update garden lighting. It’s really simple. You only need to insert them into the grass, and the built-in solar energy will automatically turn on or off the power according to the strength of the sun. For example, when the sunlight is strong during the day, the solar panel will automatically charge and turn off the light source. When the sunlight is weak at night, the solar panel will release electrical energy and the light source is turned on. This design of COLORFULDECO is very charming.

The above are 9 ways to lighting a garden. If you have any questions or product needs, please contact us in time, we will give you the most satisfactory answer and look forward to hearing from you.



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