Boston swings for sale from a factory in China

Boston swings for children and adult

In Boston, playgrounds are no longer just for kids. Colorful colors changing 2 sized LED Boston swings suite for children and adult. There are 20 LED swings in the lawn on D as a part of “Swing Time,” Boston’s first interactive sculpture installation. The hanging, glowing orbs are a twist on traditional rubber-and-rope swings, dangling from a minimal steel structure similar to those used in conventional playgrounds. LED lights embedded in the swings activate and change color as each swing moves, returning to a dim white light when static. Designer design LED swing to blend Boston’s design community with its expanding technology sector while playfully engaging residents.

Boston swings time

Boston swings time is a sculpture installation set in 20 LED swing. The project represents a fusion of technology and community engagement while providing a new platform to celebrate local ingenuity. Each swing is cnsist of custom moulded and welded polypropylene built in three sizes for optimal use by residents of all ages. The brief from Höweler and Yoon adds: “Swing Time’s responsive play elements invite users to interact with the swings and with each other, activating the urban park and creating a community laboratory in the Innovation District and South Boston Neighborhoods.”

Improvements of our Boston swing

1.Better line low density polyethylene than polypropylene


Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a substantially linear polymer (polyethylene), with significant numbers of short branches, commonly made by copolymerization of ethylene with longer-chain olefins-WIkipedia. LLDPE has higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than does LDPE. So you dont’t have to worry about the glow swing being oxidized by the air. You can use in normally form -40 degrees to 60 degrees, withing cracking.

2.RGB+W light panel Best SMD5050 RGB+W leds and 3014 white leds.

LED light panel

Usually, red, green and blue constitute the three primary colors of sun light. When the concentration of the three reaches 100%, the color of light is white.However, it is a very power-hungry way of doing it. Therefore we added a white light bead, so that our panel can work 25% longer than normal products.

3.Solar Powered charging mode

Our LED Solar Panel Swings are the best on solar energy system, voltage stability, Bluetooth control and after sales service in Guangdong, China. A lot of factories can’t do solar lighting with swing, but luckily we can do it. Moreover, We provided customized service on lighting way, other charging way and the shelf.

4.Wireless Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth glow swing

Compare with peer LED swing, we not only provide the remote controller but also Bluetooth control. Generly the phone can control more 50 LED swings. So you can conviently to control by ios or android but looking for remote controller frequently. As long as you download an app in phone, you can choose any color form the three primary colors of light. Just like our slogan: make you life colorful!

5.Safety Hand Holders

Swing hand holders

As an entertainment facility, we certainly put the safety firstly. So we design 2 hand holders in both si

des, in actually, mainly other factories don’t provide safety hand holders. Therefor, you don’t worry about falling down when the LED swing swing too high. Other factories have LED Boston swings on their websites

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