The Knowledge About Rotomolding

What Is Rotomolding?

What is Rotomolding?

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Rotomolding is an abbreviation for rotational molding, which is one of the processing and molding methods for plastic products along with injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, etc. The reason why people call this forming method rotational molding is that in its process of forming plastic products, the mold is always in a state of tumbling rotation. So some people call rotational molding, rotational molding, rotational molding, etc. A total of five books on rotational molding have been published in China so far, with the four names “rotational molding”, “rotational molding”, “rotational molding” and “rotational molding” used in the titles. In China, Taiwan, Japan, and other places also referred to as rotational molding.


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LED Swing Made By Rotational Moulding

These very large round led swings in the picture are typical of the rotomolded products made by the rotomolding method. At present, in addition to rotational molding, other plastic processing methods are difficult to manufacture such large plastic products at once. Therefore, the ability to mold and manufacture large plastic products is the biggest advantage of roto-molding.

What are the main products produced by Rotational Plastics?

Due to the characteristics of the rotomolding process, rotomolding is most often used to shape and manufacture hollow plastic products. At present, rotomolding is not only one of the main forming methods for medium and large hollow plastic products. But also the most important processing method for super large and shaped hollow plastic products. In addition, with the continuous development of rotational molding technology, it is now possible to produce solid foamed plastic products through the rotational foam process. At the same time, the rotomolding process has been extended to powder-lined steel-plastic composite products.

In everyday life, rotomolding can produce a wide range of plastic products, which can be found everywhere. Small to ear scoops, dolls, medium to traffic isolation piers, large to slides, car shells, etc. In many events you can see rotomolded products with just a little attention. Pictured is a rotomolded manufacturing process.